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Take care of tomorrow, today.

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It’s never too early to think about life insurance. Even if you are relatively young, there is no guarantee about tomorrow. What can be guaranteed, is protection for your children’s future. With Kentucky Life Insurance, you can feel good knowing that your family is not going to struggle to get by once you are gone. … More

Protection for even the most careful driver.

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You know you are the most careful driver on the road, you would never be the cause of an accident, but that doesn’t mean that no one else would. Just because you are careful with your car, doesn’t mean you don’t need Kentucky Car Insurance. Johnson & Pohlmann can help you find the best policy … More

Relieve the stress on your home.

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Your home comes under more stress than you may realize. Every storm and drought. Not to mention it could fall victim to burglars. If you want to make sure that your home has the best protection you can give it, call Johnson & Pohlmann. We can help you find the Kentucky Home Insurance policy that … More

Back to school season is here.

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With back to school season here, it is also flu season, along with every other sickness that your child could get from other kids. You need to make sure that your health insurance policy covers everything you need it to. If you aren’t sure what your policy covers, of you want more coverage, give Johnson … More

Get in your time on the water.

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With only a short few months left to be out on the water, you will want to make sure that nothing gets in your way. Johnson & Pohlmann can help you find the best Kentucky Watercraft Insurance available to help you. If something happens to your boat, your policy will be able to help you … More

Don’t pay out-of-pocket.

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If the weather is hard on your house, you might have to have some repairs done. If you aren’t covered by Kentucky Home Insurance, this can cost you thousands. Johnson & Pohlmann can help you find the policy that protects your home the most. If you need repairs done, it won’t cost you out-of-pocket. Call … More

Hold on to what you save.

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Your motorcycle is your main mode of transportation. With gas prices what they are today, you save a fortune on gas. But if your motorcycle gets banged up, you could make up that difference pretty quick. Johnson & Pohlmann can help you hold on to that money you save. With Kentucky Motorcycle Insurance, you can … More

Keep it running.

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Your car may be the most important asset when it comes to your career. Why? Because without your car, you would not be able to get to your job. If you don’t have a car, it is much more difficult to have a paycheck. Johnson & Pohlmann can help you find the Kentucky Car Insurance … More

Protection for renters, too!

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If you don’t own your home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go on vacation worry-free too. Johnson & Pohlmann can help you find the insurance that’s right for you. We can help you find the Kentucky Renter’s Insurance that you need to have peace of mind while you’re away. It’s not up to you … More

Protect your home while you’re away.

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If you are planning on going away for Labor Day weekend, don’t forget that others might be expecting it. Burglars will be watching to see who isn’t home on the long weekend and may be planning on making their move. Johnson & Pohlmann can help you protect your things while you aren’t there with Kentucky … More

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