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Don’t worry about your bike anymore.

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You love the feel of the wind on your face and the smell of grass as you ride. That’s why you take care of your motorcycle. You can do everything possible to keep it up and running, but if someone else isn’t paying attention, you could find yourself without a bike in no time. Johnson … More

Protect it, even if you don’t own it.

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If you live in an apartment, you know that home insurance isn’t an option. However, there is a policy out there for you. Johnson & Pohlmann can help you find the Kentucky Renters’ Insurance that will protect you and your things. Just because you don’t own your home, doesn’t mean you can’t protect your stuff. … More

Don’t risk not having enough coverage.

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You know you need home insurance, and you’ve got that covered, but does it have you covered? If your home insurance doesn’t cover everything you need it to, then what good is it doing you? Johnson & Pohlmann can help you find the perfect Kentucky Home Insurance policy for you and your family. Don’t risk … More

Don’t settle

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If your car doesn’t work, than neither do you. You know this as well as the next person. You also know that it is the law to have car insurance. This, however, doesn’t mean that you have to settle for the smallest amount of coverage possible. Johnson & Pohlmann can help you find the coverage … More

The Policy for your Company

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With new laws about insurance for employees, all small business owners could use some help right now. Johnson & Pohlmann can help you out. We can help you find the best group benefits for the price that’s right for you. So you can abide by the new rules, without downsizing. TS1

Safer is always better.

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If you have Kentucky Home Insurance, you know you’re doing something right. But did you know that home insurance might not cover everything? If your home is flooded, you might not be able to get insurance money to help repair it. Johnson & Pohlmann can help you find the Kentucky Flood Insurance that will solve … More

Protect those weekend fishing trips.

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Everyone loves good weather, but especially you. You can never be found sleeping in on weekends, when the weather is good. You’re up early, like, before the sun early, and out on the lake. A boat to yourself and a cooler full of the beverage of your choice. That’s all you need on days like … More

Get back to what matters.

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You love summer. You love the smell of the breeze and the feel of the wind. That’s why you bought a motorcycle after all. Not to mention it’s a lot more fuel efficient and fun. Johnson & Pohlmann knows how you feel. Our job is to protect the things that mean something to you, including … More

You have what you need, now keep it safe.

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You’re young and finally on your own. You may not have a house, but you have an apartment and everything you need in it. You do not, however, have a lot extra. If your apartment gets broken into and your things (the things you need) get stolen, no one is going to help you pay … More

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