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Keep the germs manageable.

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It is the season of sickness. Your kids are going to be getting colds a lot this time of year. Shots and medication can be expensive, but we have a solution to help. Johnson & Pohlmann can help you find the Kentucky Health Insurance policy that’s right for your family and can keep the germs … More

Don’t pay out-of-pocket.

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It’s getting colder and colder. If you haven’t put up your motorcycle yet, you will soon, but it’s never too soon to prepare for next year. Johnson & Pohlmann can help you find a motorcycle insurance policy that will cover your bike in case of an accident. If your bike gets damaged, you can get … More

Dont’ wait until it’s too late.

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This is the time of year when the roads are, more often than not, covered in water. Driving is getting a little more dangerous and before long it will be even worse. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Johnson & Pohlmann can help you find the Kentucky Car Insurance you need that will help you … More

Don’t take that chance.

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Unless you live under a rock, you have heard about the recent outbreak of Ebola. Here in the United States, chances are slim that you will get it, but it is here and it is  dangerous. That’s why you need Kentucky Health Insurance now more than ever. When something like this comes up, the procedure for it … More

Don’t lose your things forever.

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Your home is your palace. You take pride in the things you have and want to do what you can to protect them. If you don’t have Kentucky Home Insurance, however, you’re not doing it right. Johnson & Pohlmann can help you find the policy that will protect your things against anything you can think … More

Costume ideas for your kids.

Category: Blog

October is here and that means Halloween. Your kids are going to be picking out their costumes and you’re in charge of making sure they happen. You don’t have to spend a bunch of money on them, however. Parenting.com has tons of cute ideas for cheap and easy costumes. These adorable ensembles will have your … More

Prepare for next years season now.

Category: Blog

Time is running out to be on the water. If you have a boat or other watercraft, you are probably squeezing in every last minute you can before winter. This year’s season may be coming to an end, but you have all of next year to look forward to. That’s a whole year of fishing, … More

The time is now.

Category: Blog

Whether your car is old or new, the time for Kentucky car insurance is always now. You need protection against accidents. If your car is damaged, you’re going to need repairs, and if you cause damage to someone else’s car, you’re going to have to pay for their repairs. You could never do that out … More

Prepare now.

Category: Blog

It is never the wrong time for protection. Even if your home is already protected with Kentucky home insurance, there are some things that may not be covered. Many home insurance policies don’t cover flood damage. Even if it’s not flood season now, it is never too early to take care of things. Natural disasters … More

Making your house even safer.

Category: Blog

Your home is where you go when you want to feel safe. If you don’t feel like your house is safe enough, there is something you can do. Johnson & Pohlmann can help you find the Kentucky home insurance policy that will protect your home better than any other. If something happens and your home … More

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